Transition to Modern Desktop Management

Desktops must exist on-premise and off-premise for businesses to run. That’s why Microsoft combined Intune and Configuration Manager into a single interface called Microsoft Endpoint Manager. Here, admins can manage domain-joined devices along with non domain-joined, MDM enrolled devices.

4 TIPS You Need To Know Before Using Microsoft Endpoint Manager

Cross Settings

MDM doesn’t come close to the nearly 10,000 settings available in Group Policy and Group Policy preferences.

Can’t Manage Application

You can deploy applications. You can’t manage application settings or overcome UAC prompts.

Can’t Map Websites

You can’t map websites to their most optimized browsers nor block social media and other types of websites.

Doesn’t Prevent Users

ATP provides additional security tools and insights, but it doesn’t prevent users from clicking potentially malicious files.

Simplify Modern Desktop Management with PolicyPak

PolicyPak is a modern desktop management solution that enables IT teams to easily configure, deploy, and manage policies for on-premises, MDM, and cloud Windows environments. It works perfectly with any MDM service and with Microsoft Endpoint Manager, so you can plug any management or security holes in your Windows settings.


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