PolicyPak Device Manager


Device Manager

Apply Zero Trust policy to USB sticks and CD-ROM & DVD devices

Block USB and CD-ROM / DVD devices and allow them only when required. Specify which users and groups can access what devices; and specify exacting access: Read Only, Read/Write or Full Control.

Don’t let data walk out of the building, or let USB sticks into the building causing your next Ransomware attack.

Policy Highlights

policypak component lockdown

One policy to immediately remove access to USB and CD-ROMs & DVD devices.

policypak component Control

Specify who can do what with a USB or CD-ROM / DVD.

policypak component prevent

Block ransomware and data exfiltration.

policypak component Target

Enable specific users for specific USB devices and their access.

“Protecting my company had to include physical devices. But I didn’t want to stop all users from using USB sticks. Once I got PolicyPak Device Manager going (which took nearly no time at all), I blocked all USB sticks then opened up to just the users I needed, on just the sanctioned devices, with the precise level of access. It worked… first time I tried!”
– Fortune 500, IT Admin

Allow ONE user (or group) access to USB and/or CD-ROM and DVDs

If you trust one person, like a doctor or consultant, etc. then you can grant the one person (or group) READ, READ/WRITE, FULL access to all devices.

Enforce access to Bitlocker Encrypted Drives

If you want to ensure that your users are always using Bitlocker encrypted drives.

Authorize USB Sticks by VENDOR type

If you have a specific USB device vendor you trust, and those devices are always encrypted, use PolicyPak Device Manager to restrict device use to THOSE vendor IDs only !

Permit specific devices by serial number

Use PolicyPak Device Manager to specify exactly which users can use which serial numbers of USB sticks and DVD devices. This way, you issue the device, and you know EXACTLY who has USB Read/ Read/Write or Full access.

Block USB sticks using PolicyPak Cloud

Got PolicyPak Cloud.. and naughty users with USB sticks? See how to take your policies and get them working with PolicyPak Cloud !

Block and Allow USB and CD-ROMs with your MDM solution

Got Intune or another MDM service, and users plugging in USB sticks... walking out the door with data, or worse, introducing malware? Specify exactly WHO can use WHAT USB sticks ... so you don't have to fight fires everywhere around data and ransomware.

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