App Delivery & Patching Pak

Simplify app delivery and patch management in remote work environments to secure your work-from-home strategies at scale. The PolicyPak App Delivery & Patching Pak makes it easy to deploy software on-prem and over the internet and keep it automatically updated. Now your “work from anywhere team” can always achieve security, compliance, and productivity objectives.

This Pak contains the following Policies:
App Delivery & Patching Pak

Simplify App Delivery & Patch Management for Remote Work

Manage and secure your work-from-home environments at scale

Working from home on a full-time or part-time basis is the new normal for Windows users worldwide. Still, most legacy infrastructures don't have the management and delivery capabilities to ensure remote workers stay up-to-date on applications and their patches.

The PolicyPak App Delivery & Patching Pak secures your work-from-home and remote work environments at scale by enabling you to deploy software over the internet and automatically keep it updated. By providing you the flexibility to deliver applications and patches outside of the corporate domain, you can ensure greater security, compliance, and productivity.


Get apps and other files to on-prem or cloud endpoints.


Install software to on-prem or remote machines.


Set policy once, and you're done.


Get patches automatically deployed to endpoints.

“As remote and hybrid work becomes a more significant part of the Windows environment, organizations will have to adapt their software and patch delivery strategies to accommodate users wherever, whenever. The PolicyPak App Delivery and Patch Management Pak is perfect for those organizations who want to make sure their employees are productive and secure no matter where they get work done.”
JEREMY MOSKOWITZ, Founder, PolicyPak

Deliver Apps & Patches to Remote Workers

The PolicyPak App Delivery & Patching Pak secures your work-from-home and remote work environments at scale by enabling you to deploy software over the internet.

Install software on-Prem Tick Icon
Install software using web-based shares (Amazon, Azure, Dropbox ) Tick Icon
Works via PolicyPak Cloud (domain joined and non-domain joined ) Tick Icon
Works via your MDM service (like Intune ) Tick Icon
Automatic patching and updates Tick Icon
Add and Remove Windows Store (AppX) packages Tick Icon
Block all Windows Universal Applications from running except sanctioned ones Tick Icon
Works with GPO, SCCM, MDM and CLOUD Tick Icon

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How to Simplify and Secure Windows 10 & 11 for Remote Workers with PolicyPak

PolicyPak Whitepapers & Case Studies

Resources that will show you how PolicyPak can extend and maximize control over your system.

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Software Deployment and Patching Methods for Windows 10: Which One Should You Choose?

In this white paper, we’ll share where each tool can be used, so no software is left undeployed. Furthermore, we’ll show you how PolicyPak Scripts Manager and PolicyPak Remote Work can be used to extend and improve the software deployment capabilities you already have.

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search icon CASE STUDY

US Department of Veterans Affairs Supports 500,000 endpoints with PolicyPak

Managing policy across some 500,000 geographically disbursed computers and other endpoints is a monumental IT challenge. The organization uses Microsoft Group Policy, but felt limited withwhat could be done with Group Policy alone...


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