Windows 10 & 11 Management Pak

Simplify Windows 10 & 11 management and customize OS and desktop settings exactly per your specifications. PolicyPak Windows 10 & 11 Management Pak gives you more granular control, deployment, and customization over native Windows 10 & 11 configurations than you've ever seen.

This Pak contains the following Policies:
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Simplify Windows 10 & 11 Management

Windows 10 & 11 management has never been so easy because PolicyPak creates, manages, and deploys custom desktop and OS policies quickly and securely.

Configuring Windows 10 & 11 settings to meet your organization's specific requirements is easier said than done. Whether you need to customize the Start Screen for the Accounting group or customize PDF file extensions for the marketing group, configuring Windows 10 & 11 settings is critical for accelerating productivity.

The PolicyPak Windows 10 & 11 Management Pak makes it easy to control, deploy, and customize native Windows 10 & 11 desktop settings. If continuous helpdesk calls or Windows 10 & 11 misconfigurations impact your organization, the PolicyPak Windows 10 & 11 Management Pak is right for you!

“We use File Associations Manager and the Start Screen Manager for Windows 10 & 11 to specify which extensions open in what apps, and ensure that the right people are advertised the right icons on the Windows 10 & 11 start menu. Amazing!”
MICHAEL PATRICK, Senior Engineer - IT
Unified Client Infrastructure Engineering | PS&A Unified Workspace TIAA

Windows 10 & 11 Management has Never Been So Easy!

The PolicyPak Windows 10 & 11 Management Pak makes it easy to control, deploy, and customize native Windows 10 & 11 desktop settings.
File Association Management Capabilities FILE ASSOCIATION MANAGEMENT CAPABILITIES WINDOWS 10 & 11
Quickly Associate extensions and protocols to Windows apps (eg. PDF/Adobe, Mailto:/Outlook, etc.) Tick Icon
Apply File Associations one time if desired, then drift and lets users choose afterward Tick Icon
Associate programs to Universal Windows Apps Tick Icon
Applies settings wherever users roam, or to all users on a shared machine Tick Icon
Manage associations when specific apps are on the machine (eg. Acrobat Reader & Writer) Tick Icon
Works with GPO, SCCM & MDM and Cloud Tick Icon
Start screen & Task bar Management Capacilities START SCREEN & TASK BAR MANAGEMENT CAPABILITIES
Quickly dictate what applications should go into Windows 10 & 11 User and Computer groups Tick Icon
Instantly pin (or Remove) applications on the Windows 10 & 11 Taskbar Tick Icon
Automatically add/remove icons based upon conditions Tick Icon
Works with GPO, SCCM & MDM and Cloud Tick Icon
Quickly add or remove Windows classic and Optional features Tick Icon
Manage Windows Server Features and Capabilities to reduce attack surface and increase security Tick Icon
Works with GPO, SCCM & MDM and Cloud Tick Icon

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WHY POLICYPAK: PolicyPak Superpowers & Manifesto

PolicyPak instantly makes your Windows system more secure while keeping your applications, browsers, and operating system security settings in compliance. PolicyPak becomes a supercharger for your existing investment in Active Directory & Group Policy for on-prem users or your existing MDM service like Windows Intune for remote users


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