Policypak Network Security Manager


Network Security Manager

Control Process access to network devices

Want to secure your critical processes and the network resources they connect to? With Network Security Manager you can ensure your financial clients only connect to YOUR financial server.

Policy Highlights

Policypak Component Manage

Establish your own rules for application access to network resources

Policypak Component Deploy

Block processes from accessing certain network IPs or Ports

Policypak Component Flexible

Extensive event logging capabilities

Policypak Component Automate

Shape the user notifications to meet your needs

Using Domain Names

  • Establish Allow and Block rules for Domain Names
  • Use Wildcards to express exactly where the process can and cannot go

Lockdown applications to use specific IP's and ports

  • Establish rules for which IP and port an application is allowed to connect to
  • Create a default rule to block access to all other non-approved network locations

Define Global settings for all NSM rules

  • On/Off switch
  • Specify notification options, visibility/frequency
  • Control branding in the notification

Event auditing

  • Audit only actions that are approved
  • Audit only actions where access is denied
  • Full details of the process and access attempted recorded in the PolicyPak event log

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