Device Management Pak

Block USB and CD-ROM / DVD devices and allow them only when required. Specify which users and groups can access what devices; and specify exacting access: Read Only, Read/Write or Full Control.

Don’t let data walk out of the building, or let USB sticks into the building causing your next Ransomware attack.

PolicyPak Device Manager can meet any organization's security and compliance requirements for zero trust around devices.

Automatically Block all USB and CD-ROMs

Delegate the usage of devices as needed, instead of it being your next source of struggle.

Don’t let users just plug in USB sticks they find from the parking lot, tradeshows, or from their kids. If you need to grant USB access, do it the right way, by delegating rights to standard users for specific, sanctioned USB sticks. Without the proper controls on user permissions, it is extremely easy for data to be exfiltrated or, worse, hackers and cybercriminals to infiltrate your network with software they place on USB sticks.

PolicyPak Device Manager can meet any organization's security and compliance requirements for zero trust. PolicyPak prevents the risk of data exfiltration, malware, ransomware, and noncompliance by delegating only the permissions standard users need for USB sticks without impacting productivity.

policypak component lockdown

One policy to immediately remove access to USB and CD-ROMs & DVDs

policypak component Control

Specify who can do what with a USB or CD-ROM / DVD

policypak component prevent

Block ransomware and data exfiltration

policypak component Target

Enable specific users for specific USB devices and their access

“Protecting my company had to include physical devices. But I didn’t want to stop all users from using USB sticks. Once I got PolicyPak Device Manager going (which took nearly no time at all), I blocked all USB sticks then opened up just the users I needed, on just the sanctioned devices, with the precise level of access. It worked… first time I tried!”
Fortune 500, IT Admin

PolicyPak Can Meet Any Organization's Zero Trust Device Management Requirements for

Block all USB Sticks, DVD/CD-ROMs, and WPDs (Windows Portable Devices)
One policy to perform the block
Allow Read, Write, Execute, Full Control as needed
Allow one USER or GROUP access to devices
Allow access to USB / DVD / CD-ROM / WPD by Vendor
Allow access to USB / DVD / CD-ROM / WPD by Serial Number
Allow access to USB when device is detected with Bitlocker encryption
Standard Block Messages
Customized Block Messages
Branded Block Messages (coming soon)
Works with GPO, SCCM, MDM and Cloud

PolicyPak On-Demand Webinars

10 Security Settings You can Implement Now to Block Attackers as Users Work from Home

PolicyPak Whitepapers & Case Studies

Resources that will show you how PolicyPak can extend and maximize control over your system.

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24 Ransomware Tips

Preventing ransomware is a top cybersecurity priority, but mitigating the risk is easier said than done. According to an article by Cybercrime Magazine in 2018, it was predicted that a new business would fall victim to ransomware every 14 seconds in 2019, and by 2021, that time would decrease to just 11 seconds. To help you protect your Windows 10 & 11 desktop environment from ransomware,

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How to be a Better Security Admin with PolicyPak

Everyone likes and appreciates superheroes. They are the protectors of the world. Being a security admin for your enterprise is kind of like being a superhero. Your mission is to protect the assets within your enterprise from ominous threat actors (otherwise known as the “bad guys”). This is especially important on the front lines where you protect users and their devices from malicious attacks to their on-prem and remote work setups.


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