Desktop Automation & Connectivity Pak

Automate desktop processes and Windows OS configurations so that you can accelerate user productivity, prevent help desk calls, and reduce your workload. Desktop Automation & Connectivity Pak enables you to automate the desktop settings that slow users down.

This Pak contains the following Policies:
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Automate the Desktop Processes That Slow Workers Down

Automate desktop processes and Windows OS configurations

Don’t force users to perform their own complicated Windows 10 & 11 desktop processes. Automate them instead. With PolicyPak, you can automate the creation of RDP files for remote connectivity, and automate how you add printers. You can also map drives and other processes one time or on a trigger. If you leave these complex Windows 10 & 11 management duties to a user, their work productivity can come to a screeching halt.

The Windows 10 & 11 Desktop Automation & Connectivity Pak automates the connections users need and provides you with a powerful scripting & triggering tool. Create, manage, and configure automation policies that prevent users from continuously submitting helpdesk tickets and adding to your workload.

“Without PolicyPak Scripts, I would have no way to configure areas of my desktop where Group Policy and MDM simply cannot. You can deliver a script one time … or all the time! And when the conditions change, you can automatically run an “Off” script. You can launch new scripts when my users connect via VPN or launch applications. It’s like magic!”
IT Admin,, of Fortune 500 company

Automate Desktop Processes & Windows OS configurations

The PolicyPak Desktop Automation Pak makes it easy to control, deploy, and customize native Windows 10 & 11 desktop settings.

Perform On and Off Scripts based upon realtime activities Tick Icon
Run a script at VPN connect and/or VPN disconnect Tick Icon
Perform anything that GPO, MDM or SCCM cannot do Tick Icon
Works with your MDM service (like Intune) Tick Icon
Works with PolicyPak Cloud Tick Icon
Quickly create .RDP files for Remote Work and VDI scenarios Tick Icon
Works with your MDM service (like Intune) Tick Icon
Works with PolicyPak Cloud Tick Icon
Secure processes access to network resources Tick Icon
Lockdown specific applications to specific IPs and Ports Tick Icon
Customize the user notification experience Tick Icon
Audit Network Security Manager events Tick Icon

PolicyPak On-Demand Webinars

How to Simplify and Secure Windows 10 & 11 for Remote Workers with PolicyPak

PolicyPak Whitepapers & Case Studies

Resources that will show you how PolicyPak can extend and maximize control over your system.

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Top 12 Windows 10 Settings for Managing and Securing Work from Home Employees

There’s no “one way” to manage your remote workers, but without the right configuration settings and know how, it’s easy to make mistakes. In this white paper we’ll review the top 12 Group Policy and MDM settings you need to ensure your work-from-home employees stay efficient and secure.

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WHY POLICYPAK: PolicyPak Superpowers & Manifesto

PolicyPak instantly makes your Windows system more secure while keeping your applications, browsers, and operating system security settings in compliance. PolicyPak becomes a supercharger for your existing investment in Active Directory & Group Policy for on-prem users or your existing MDM service like Windows Intune for remote users


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