Policypak File Association Manager


File Associations Manager

Quickly Manage Computer And User Side File Associations

File Associations Manager can quickly associate extensions to Windows applications,like PDF to Acrobat Reader. And if you have different needs per computer, it’s easy to make a change.

Policy Highlights

Policypak Component Discover

Find out what associations exist for any application

Policypak Component Control

Take control over what applications are associated with which file types.

Policypak Component Implement

Use our ready-to-go templates to quickly deploy common associations.

Policypak Component Deploy

Deliver your file association settings to Domain joined devices anywhere in the world.

“We use File Associations Manager and the Start Screen Manager for Windows 10 & 11 to specify which extensions open in what apps, and ensure that the right people are advertised the right icons on the Windows 10 & 11 start menu. Amazing!”
MICHAEL PATRICK, Senior Engineer - IT | Unified Client Infrastructure Engineering | PS&A Unified Workspace TIAA

Take Control Of File Associations On Your MDM Enrolled Machines

  • All the benefits above PLUS
  • Deliver them to all your domain joined MDM devices

Deliver File Associations using PolicyPak Cloud

  • All the benefits above PLUS
  • Deliver them to all your domain joined devices wherever they may be in the world
  • Make a policy once and deliver it to multiple offices or customers

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