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Simplify Group Policy Preferences Management

Streamline and simplify Group Policy Preferences management with PolicyPak Preferences Manager. Consolidate redundant Group Policy Preferences items, improve log on times, and reduce management time without compromising security or business operations.

Policypak Component Organize

Minimize administrative overhead by consolidating similar preferences into a single GPO

Policypak Component Simplify

Improve performance by reducing the number of policies that execute at startup and login

Policypak Component Flexible

Mitigate misconfigurations and ensure policies are up-to-date by reducing your GPP footprint

Policypak Component Deploy

Boost admin productivity by providing a consistent and reliable GPP framework that eliminates conflicts and reduces downtime

“I don't know how it works, but it works! one of the most straightforward tools to set up and deploy and it starts working instantly! You do not need to be a Group Policy expert to get up and running with deploying policies, so it's also easier to bring in other IT professionals to share the management load without digging through the jungle that is Group Policy settings."
Nick H, System Administrator, Healthcare

Simplify Printer Assignments

  • Streamline printer mapping across your entire organization with PolicyPak Preferences.
  • Easily consolidate printer mappings into a single GPO and extend them to non-domain joined and MDM enrolled computers.
  • With PolicyPak, configuring, deploying, and managing printer preferences has never been easier.

Consolidate Drive Maps

  • Reduce the time and effort required to manage complex drive map settings.
  • Improve efficiency and security, while ensuring users have fast and reliable access to shared resources.

Streamline Registry Settings Management

  • Managing registry settings in environments with domain-joined, non-domain-joined, and MDM-enrolled devices can become complicated, leading to an overwhelming number of GPOs.
  • PolicyPak Preferences simplifies the management of registry settings by allowing you to create, deploy, and manage multiple settings from just a few GPOs.
  • With PolicyPak Preferences, Windows administrators can easily manage registry settings across diverse environments without the hassle of maintaining a multitude of GPOs.

Simplify the Process of Managing Shortcuts

  • PolicyPak Preferences simplifies the management of shortcuts in Group Policy Preferences by providing a framework for deploying multiple shortcut settings from a single GPO.
  • This enables administrators to create and manage a variety of shortcuts, including file system, URL, and application shortcuts, without the need for multiple GPOs.
  • Additionally, PolicyPak Preferences ensures that shortcuts are properly deployed and configured, reducing the risk of errors and improving security across the organization.