Policypak Remote Work Delivery Manager


Remote Work Delivery Manager

PolicyPak Remote Work Delivery Manager: Install software and automatically keep it updated.

Got software to deploy to your on-prem and/or remote work computers? Quickly deploy software via SMB or WEB-based share. Use on-prem or web services like S3, Dropbox, Azure, etc. And ... that's it. PolicyPak will also uninstall the software when the policy no longer applies. It's easy, fast and powerful !

Policy Highlights

Policypak Component Deliver

Get files from on-prem or cloud to desktops.

Policypak Component Install

Install software to on-prem or remote machines.

Policypak Component Automate

Set policy once, and you're done.

Policypak Component Update

Get patches automatically deployed to endpoints.

Install software on-Prem and via VPN systems.

  • Install software to on-prem machines.
  • Use standard shares.
  • Uninstall software.

Install software using web-based shares (Amazon, Azure, Dropbox) to on-prem and remote systems.

  • Install software to remote machines (without using VPN bandwidth).
  • Use Web-based file services.
  • Uninstall software.

Install software to domain joined or non-domain joined machines using PolicyPak Cloud.

  • Deploy software to machines.... anywhere.
  • Use Internet web services to store the files.
  • Copy large files and/or keep them updated.

PolicyPak Remote Work Delivery Manager: Automatic Patching and Updates.

  • Automatically patch your software.
  • No need to re-deploy policies.
  • Systems stay up to date.

Deploy and automatically keep files updated with Intune/MDM.

  • Copy files from any source using your MDM.
  • Keep files automatically up to date.
  • Download files directly, no VPN required.

Advanced mass copy of folders and files (with filters and recursion).

  • Robocopy on Steroids.
  • Like a Swiss army knife for file copy.
  • Copy one, multiple, or all folders (with recursion).

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