PolicyPak Application Manager (including PolicyPak DesignStudio)


What Group Policy has been missing

Group Policy rocks. But, out OF the box, it’s missing the biggest piece to get you the true security you need – application and operating system lockdown.

And that’s why we’ve created PolicyPak Application Manager.

PolicyPak Application Manager helps you:

  • ensure compliance
  • reduce the number of images
  • immediately increase end-user productivity and
  • deal with end-users’ applications settings management

Watch the video alongside to get a feel for how PolicyPak Application Manager can help you.

Download the PDF product overview you can print out and share

True, Responsive Settings Management

PolicyPak Application Manager isn’t a set of ADM files. It’s a true settings management system which uses Group Policy to deliver settings and lock the application down.

PolicyPak Application Manager allows you to lock down settings so that your users cannot change or work round them, as shown here for Java.

PolicyPak Application Manager enables you to deliver settings to your applications, lock users out of those settings and guarantee those applications stay configured.


So, ready to get PolicyPak Application Manager working for you?

We have two main ways of making PolicyPak Application Manager mesh with you requirements.

You can either:

… or you can create your own Paks with PolicyPak DesignStudio:

What is the PolicyPak DesignStudio?

The PolicyPak DesignStudio enables you to build your own Paks for any downloaded, purchased, proprietary or home-grown applications. It is included as part of PolicyPak Application Manager.

With DesignStudio, you can lock down any application on your users’ desktops by creating the appropriate Pak.

Create your own tailored Paks

Creating your own Paks for your off-the-shelf or in-house applications is as easy as 1-2-3. See how easy it is to configure an application you already use in the video below. In this example, we’ll use WinZip to create our first PolicyPak (but you can envision your own desktop application of any kind here):

…run our pre-configured Paks on your applications:

Jumpstart with pre-configured Paks

Best part: PolicyPak Application Manager comes with a collection of pre-created Paks for you to manage some difficult applications like:

Click here to see all our Paks !

PolicyPak Application Manager is available in two different delivery modes. You can choose between:

…or PolicyPak Cloud delivery:

The second method is via our in-cloud delivery service.

You can deliver PolicyPak Application Manager directives using PolicyPak Cloud.

Deliver settings to domain joined users (when traveling), domain joined machines (on-premise), and also non-domain joined machines.

PolicyPak Application Manager with PolicyPak Cloud is best for organizations which:

  • Have both domain joined and non-domain joined machines
  • Have users who travel with laptops and tablets
  • Want a central way to deliver settings across a distributed network

For more information about licensing PolicyPak Application Manager via PolicyPak Cloud, see our Licensing Page

On Premise delivery:

The first method works with your existing Active Directory.

Deliver PolicyPak Application Manager settings using Group Policy, SCCM, LanDesk, KACE, Tivoli, etc.

PolicyPak Application Manager on-premise edition is best for organizations with:

  • Domain-joined machines
  • Few traveling systems
  • No need to manage non-domain-joined systems

For more information about licensing PolicyPak Application Manager via on-premise delivery, see our Licensing Page