PolicyPak Application Manager (including PolicyPak DesignStudio)


Configure and lockdown thousands of user settings on hundreds of commonly-used applications, including Firefox, Java, Flash, Internet Explorer and Adobe products. In this intro, quickly learn:

  • How to ensure user receive and maintain your IT mandated application configuration settings (Firefox, Java, Internet Explorer, etc.)
  • How to manage computers using your existing GP and SCCM
  • How to manage roaming computers and non- domain joined machines?

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I want to try…

Use Group Policy or SCCM, etc. to deploy application settings to on-premise, domain joined computers.

Group Policy rocks at desktop, system and security settings. And SCCM, Intune, KACE, etc are fantastic at deploying applications.

Leverage what you already use (Group Policy, SCCM, etc) to now deployand maintain settings to applications like Java, Flash, Firefox, Office, Internet Explorer, Chrome, Lync and hundreds more with PolicyPak On-Premise Edition.

Deliver those settings and keep them locked down.

Use PolicyPak Cloud to deliver application settings over the internet to domain-joined and/or non-domain-joined machines

If you’ve got applications on Windows computers, you have a big problem if they’re not always on-premise on your network.

With PolicyPak Suite (Cloud Edition) deployand maintain settings to applications like Java, Flash, Firefox, Office, Internet Explorer, Chrome, Lync and hundreds more.

With PolicyPak Suite (Cloud Edition),deploy application settings over the Internet, to domain-joined and/or non-domain-joined machines, and ensure those settings remain locked down.

So, how are others already using PolicyPak Application Settings Manager?

“You really appreciate PolicyPak [Suite] when working with things like Java or Flash or Firefox.Instead of spending time researching how to centrally change a setting on every individual machine, we’re able to just use PolicyPak and automatically send out a Group Policy update to all of our computers. It’s a wonderful tool.”

-Drew Rabinowitz,
Associate Director, Computer Support Services, Suffolk County Community College

PolicyPak Application Settings Manager empowers you to deliver Application Configuration settings to your Windows machines and ensure those settings stay locked down.

PolicyPak Application Settings Manager isn’t “a handy collection of ADM files.” It’s true application settings management system that works with real and virtualized applications (like ThinApp and App-V.)

For example, with Application Settings Manager, you can:

  • Set security, certificates, and bookmarks in Firefox
  • Set security and manage Java Site List Exceptions
  • Disable Internet Explorer and Firefox add-ons and deliver certificates and perform UI lockdown
  • Prevent pop-ups from applications like Flash and Acrobat to request auto-updates

…while being certain that those settings are locked down, and can’t be altered by your users.

Application Settings Manager makes your application configuration problems go away!

Application Settings Manager puts you back in control of your application configuration management. Check out the videos below for application-specific details, or see all of our pre-configured paks.

Videos of some of our more popular Paks:

FireFox Java Acrobat Lync 7Zip Office


Bonus: Use DesignStudio to create your own Paks.

Application Settings Manager has pre-configured Paks for most common applications.

But what if you’ve got your own in-house applications?

We include PolicyPak DesignStudio for free – included as part of Application Settings Manager – to create your own Paks.

This enables you to configure most applications: downloadable or home-grown.

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