Exactly HOW are you going to turn off Java NOW in your enterprise?

When the Department of Homeland security suggests that we temporarily disable Java until the dust settles (http://www.us-cert.gov/current/#us_cert_releases_oracle_java) , it’s nice to know that all PolicyPak customers have the fire extinguisher ready to rock at any time.

Here’s exactly how to use PolicyPak to put out the Java fire:

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How to Manage the security slider in Java 7:

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It’s great when you can use your own tools like Group Policy (or SCCM, etc) with PolicyPak to manage Java, remediate the problems and deal with the problems with the Java sandbox now, diabling Java entirely, until they’re fixed and you have time to roll out the new version of Java 7.

These “0 Day” exploits and vulnerabilities aren’t only seen by Java and Oracle. It’s a modern fact that many products (for which PolicyPak has preconfigured Paks for) could be affected at any time.

So, having PolicyPak ready to go in these emergency situations is paramount.

It’s not “enough” to know about the problem.

You need the tools in place to FIX and remediate the problem !