Customer Support FAQ

Our support policy is as follows:

  1. For questions / problems / concerns, all customers may email support [at ] We again strive to respond to all questions within the same business day.
  2. We typically email back answers to “easy” questions right away.
  3. If required, we SCHEDULE time with you and (with your permission) remote control your machine to see what’s going on and help you.
  4. Customers with existing SRX cases may leave a voicemail on our 800-883-8002 number and await a response if you think there’s an issue with our response.

Times vary to actually solve particular issues, so we do not “guarantee” time to a closure of a particular issue.

Note: Our working hours for support are 9.00 – 4.30 Eastern (New York Time.) If you are OUTSIDE of those times, you are welcome to email support and we can SCHEDULE time to with you in your time zone for one-on-one help.


No. PolicyPak support is 100% free and “all you can eat.” Training is included too… both LIVE (for our Enterprise customers) and RECORDED training is 100% free.


This is easy: If you are a customer in good standing, you always get the latest versions of all policies you purchased.

If there’s a feature update in anything you own at all: then those updates are always included as part of your software maintenance fees.

As soon as any updates are ready, you get an email (if you’re the PolicyPak Technical contact.)

All customers are notified when there’s an update. Just download, and go enjoy the new features !

If any updates are made to the PolicyPak Cloud service itself, those are simply rolled out online automatically.


Product Maintenance is required, but the price is baked in & included in your yearly price for what you purchased: PolicyPak Enterprise Edition, PolicyPak Professional Edition or PolicyPak SaaS edition for all licensed computers.


Product maintenance gets you to:

  1. Phone support for any/all licensing issues.
  2. A real person as your Customer Success manager to help you find anything you need from us… for as long as you’re a customer.
  3. Phone support from one of our Tech Leads to help you get started with your PolicyPak product (also known as our free “Onboarding”
  4. service).
  5. Email support for any “customer specific” issues. We reply by email or phone as necessary.
  6. “Remote control” your machine (with your permission) to help you out of a jam as required.
  7. Unlimited updates for the product you have purchased.
  8. Any new or updated Pre-configured AppSet we create (in the case of PolicyPak Application Manager).
  9. Any new or updated pre-configured Advice (in the case of PolicyPak Least Privilege Manager, etc.)
  10. All bug updates and/or product enhancements for any products which are licensed.
  11. If you’re using products with PolicyPak Cloud, free updates and enhancements as they occur.


No, we support our trial customers just like our licensed customers.


Support for any issue is fully included as part of your use of any PolicyPak product, whether you have a license or are using a trial. The typical route for support is:

  1. You email us your question. Please “explain” and show us your issue.
  2. We email you back with an answer –or- ask for log files or more details.
  3. We email you back and set up a time to help troubleshoot with you remotely.
  4. We call you at the agreed-upon scheduled time to help you troubleshoot.

PolicyPak is fully compatible and supported alongside with PolicyPak Group Policy, PolicyPak Cloud or PolicyPak MDM edition (with Intune or other MDM service.) To see videos of PolicyPak and WVD together, see our “better together” videos here:


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