Customer Case Study - Wyoming Machinery Company

Wyoming Machinery Company simplifies browser, application, and Java management with PolicyPak

PolicyPak is the butter to Microsoft Active Directory's Bread. It helps you achieve more with your environment and enables you to get more things done!

Jeremy Shupick
Network Administrator, Wyoming Machinery Company


The Wyoming Machinery Company specializes in light/heavy equipment and is Wyoming’s premier dealer of Caterpillar products, parts, and technologies. The network administration team is responsible for managing multiple pieces of infrastructure, including networks, servers, and telecommunications.

Managing settings for applications, desktops, Java, and browsers was increasingly difficult because of user’s unique preferences. The challenge was heightened by multiple browsers, Java security issues, and corporate standards for application settings.


The Wyoming Machinery Company chose PolicyPak to solve several issues, including browser, application and Java management. They were limited by native capabilities of Microsoft Group Policy and used PolicyPak to solve business-critical issues.


The Wyoming Machinery company received many benefits, including the ability to standardize default browsers, simplify application management, and streamline Java security, all through the convenience of Active Directory and PolicyPak.

Standardize Default Browsers

PolicyPak provided the Wyoming Machinery Company with a simple and effective way to standardize default browsers.

“Everyone has their preference on what their default browser should be, but there are so many websites that only work with a specific browser type,” said Shupick. “Before PolicyPak, default browser selection was a complete nightmare. By using PolicyPak’s Browser Router, we were able to get those key websites routed to a compatible browser without any issues.”

PolicyPak’s Browser Router made browser management simple, effective, and fast. As a result, the Wyoming Machinery Company could be assured that the websites and compatible browsers would align no matter which browser the end-user preferred, resulting in greater productivity and better organizational alignment.

Simplify Application Management

PolicyPak’s automated application settings management eliminated the arduous process of configuring each machine individually.

“We use PolicyPak to make application settings changes that normally take place on each machine,” said Shupick. “Just being able to configure everything through PolicyPak and not have to worry about those settings getting changed is a relief.”

PolicyPak turns application management into a simple and automated task. The Wyoming Machinery Company leveraged the PolicyPak application settings manager policy to modify applications in bulk and ensure those settings don’t change. PolicyPak application settings manager helped keep the application environment standardized, compliant, and secure.

Streamline Java Security

PolicyPak made it easy for the Wyoming Machinery Company to enable Java on approved websites and block Java on non-approved websites to maintain compliance with corporate policy.

“Some of our websites use Java,” said Jeremy. “By using PolicyPak Java Rules Manager, we can tell PCs to trust the websites required for business but not the others.” From an end-user perspective, Java security isn’t easy to understand. It’s difficult for any user to determine when to enable Java and disable Java. “With PolicyPak Java Rules Manager, we can rest assured that users will be able to get their work done without having to figure out what to approve and what not to approve.”

Leverage the Power

PolicyPak works hand-in-hand with Unified Endpoint Management solutions like Ivanti Endpoint Manager

“I use Ivanti Endpoint Manager to push out PolicyPak software,” said Jeremy. “Then, after a few are pushed out for testing, I put it in the Auto Update method.”

The Wyoming Machinery Company leveraged the Ivanti Endpoint Management solution they already had and deploy software according to company policies and best practices.

Tutorials and Videos Helped the Wyoming Machine Company Get Started Fast

PolicyPak has a video and knowledge base library with over 1,000 articles designed to help users get started quickly and efficiently. When asked how to help a colleague get started with PolicyPak, Jeremy explained, “I would send them some of the short videos describing PolicyPak that Jeremy Moskowitz makes. The videos are right to the point and very well explained.”

About PolicyPak

PolicyPak is a modern desktop management platform for the “anywhere” workforce. PolicyPak provides a powerful policy creation, management, and deployment framework that extends the policy management, security, automation, and reporting capabilities found within Windows Active Directory, Unified Endpoint Management Solutions, MDM providers, virtualization platforms, and cloud services. PolicyPak comes with Paks, each with its own set of customizable policies enabling IT and teams to solve today’s most significant desktop management challenges like remote work, Windows 10 management, GPO sprawl, ransomware, Group Policy management, and more. PolicyPak lowers IT costs, increases security, improves compliance, reduces GPOs, and puts the IT admin back in charge. PolicyPak has hundreds of customers, over a million deployed seats, is an Inc. 5000 recognized company, and a G2 Crowd High Performer. For more information, visit or follow us on Twitter @policypak.

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