Policypak Admin Templates Manager


Admin Templates Manager

Reduce And Consolidate GPOs

Manage registry-based policy using PolicyPak’s Admin Templates Manager to allow for easy settings management of the Administrative Templates feature of Group Policy. You can add, change, delete and save settings, or reduce and consolidate GPOs with ease.

Component Highlights

Policypak Component Organize

Combine Group Policy settings from many GPOs into a few GPOs

Policypak Component Simplify

Eliminate complicated loopback

Policypak Component Flexible

Deploy Admin Template settings using SCCM or your own management system

Policypak Component Deploy

Deliver settings to remote locations via Cloud or your MDM provider

“We absolutely love the Administrative Templates Manager to reduce GPOs and target new settings just for Windows 10. So, Microsoft's Group Policy in-box stuff was good. With PolicyPak, now it's great. Best of all, with our existing Group Policy experience, we already know how to use it. PolicyPak is quickly becoming our primary means of implementing new settings with Group Policy here at TIAA.”
MICHAEL PATRICK, Senior Engineer - IT | Unified Client Infrastructure Engineering | PS&A Unified Workspace TIAA

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