What do I get with Product Maintenance?

Product maintenance entitles you to:

  • Phone support for any/all licensing issues.
  • A real person as your Customer Success manager to help you find anything you need from us… for as long as you’re a customer.
  • Phone support from one of our Tech Leads to help you get started with your PolicyPak product (also known as our free “Onboarding” service).
  • Monitored / helpful support forums for “How Do I” questions.
  • Email support for any “customer specific” issues. We reply by email or phone as necessary.
  • “Remote control” your machine (with your permission) to help you out of a jam as required.
  • Unlimited updates for the product you have purchased.
  • Any new Pre-configured Pak we create (in the case of PolicyPak Application Manager).
  • All bug updates and/or product enhancements for any products which are licensed.
  • If you’re using products with PolicyPak Cloud, free updates and enhancements as they occur.