PolicyPak & Microsoft

Here is how PolicyPak and Microsoft technologies work hand in hand.
(Tip: For a list of applications that PolicyPak can manage, click here.)

PolicyPak and Microsoft VDI - Better Together to Manage Applications' settings

Microsoft's VDI is awesome. But it still doesn't solve big problems you still have right now: How are you able to guarantee key application and operating system settings for users? How can you prevent users from messing up their apps? How can you ensure users won't work around your important security and operating system settings? Watch this video to find out.

PolicyPak and SCCM: Lockdown applications settings tutorial.

SCCM is awesome! But by itself it can't deliver applications' settings or perform true application lockdown. Using PolicyPak with SCCM is a power grand-slam. Watch this video to see how to deliver PolicyPak directives using SCCM.

PolicyPak: Manage App-V applications dynamically

You've got Microsoft App-V? Great. Now how are you going to manage those sequenced applications once they're deployed? You're not going to crack open the App-V sequencer, are you ? Heck no... You've got PolicyPak, and PolicyPak can deliver settings into the App-V Virtual or Real registry and Virtual and Real file systems. So, create you sequence, create your PolicyPak.. and deliver the settings you need to your applications.

PolicyPak and Microsoft UE-V - Better Together Story

Microsoft UE-V (User Experience Virtualization) is a great new offering from Microsoft to help users nicely roam settings between applications. But it doesn't perform enforcement of settings to your important applications. In this video, you'll learn where PolicyPak can dictate and enforce settings and Microsoft UE-V will properly roam all other settings. It's a perfect match!

PolicyPak: Desktop Lockdown with Windows Intune

Windows Intune can't perform desktop and application lockdown. That's where PolicyPak comes in. You can export your PolicyPak settings, upload them into Windows Intune, and ensure that your important IT and corporate settings are always delivered.

PolicyPak: Manage RDP - Terminal Services files using Group Policy and PolicyPak

Ever wanted to deliver and dynamically manage and enforce RDP files? That capability is available when you use PolicyPak. See this video to see how its done.