PolicyPak with Microsoft FSLogix

FSLogix can be used on any Windows 10 machine; Windows Virtual Desktop, Laptop or Desktop. Let’s understand how PolicyPak and integrates with FSLogix.

How PolicyPak manages the Start Screen and Task bar with FSLogix App masking

Managing the Windows 10 Start Menu after using FSLogix is a piece of cake with PolicyPak. Use FSLogix to hide/expose apps, then use PolicyPak to manage those application on the Start Menu and on the TaskBar. AWESOME!

How PolicyPak manages browsers with FSLogix App masking.

FSLogix masks and reveals applications, like browsers. Great. Now use PolicyPak to set the default browser based upon which browsers are available to the user. Use FSLogix to do the MASKING of BROWSERS, and let PolicyPak do the ROUTING.

PolicyPak and FSLogix Profiles (Better Together) … Long Video!

Want to get out of the roaming profile business? FSLogix is awesome. Then PolicyPak helps you go beyond additional Group Policy to manage Start Screen, Taskbar, File Associations, Least Privilege, applications, browsers and more ! This isn’t a short video, but it does show the better together story!