PolicyPak & Windows Virtual Desktop

PolicyPak & WVD (Windows Virtual Desktop) Getting Started

Before you RUN with PolicyPak & WVD, here's a walk around our internal test lab, so you can see how PolicyPak + WVD followup videos will fit in.

PolicyPak + WVD: Elevate the installation of the Remote Deskop app

Users cannot auto-update the Remote Desktop app for Windows Virtual Desktop. With PolicyPak though, this is a slam-dunk. See how users on their own laptops can keep the WVD Remote Desktop app updated themsevles.

PolicyPak + WVD: Elevate application inside WVD and bypass UAC prompts

Sometimes and app won't run unless you're running with local admin rights. NOT a good idea with WVD. Instead, use PolicyPak Least Privilege Manager to elevate applications when needed, and keep Standard Users just that... users and NOT admins.

PolicyPak + WVD: Manage the Start Screen and Taskbar

WVD is great. But finding the icons to run applications can be hard. Use PolicyPak to add visibility to your icons on the Start Screen and Taskbar !

PolicyPak + WVD: Manage Applications Settings

WVD is "all about the apps" which is great. Now how do you manage them? We have lots of videos on our website, but this one shows how quickly and easily you can manage your WVD apps using PolicyPak.

PolicyPak + WVD: Reducing number of GPOs and using "GPOs with Brains"

What you DONT want is to have MORE GPOs then you need to for WVD. Use PolicyPak Admin Template Manager to make decisions about which settings should hit what machines at what times. Reduce the amount of GPOs at the same time.

PolicyPak + WVD: Browser Router ... the right browser for the right browser.

Got multiple browsers with WVD? Great, we have you covered. See how to get the RIGHT browser for the RIGHT website with PolicyPak Browser Router and Windows Virtual Desktop !