Integration: PolicyPak with Microsoft Windows Virtual Desktop

PolicyPak Software was one of the first Windows Virtual Desktop partners.

PolicyPak enhances the value of Windows Virtual Desktop by adding a suite of components to enhance Windows’ built-in administration. Use your existing Active Directory Group Policy and/or Windows Microsoft Endpoint Manager (Intune) to deliver PolicyPak’s settings and increase administrators’ ability to manage their Windows 10 machines.

The top use cases for PolicyPak are to remove local admin rights and overcome UAC prompts, block Ransomware, manage multiple browsers, manage Internet Explorer’s Enterprise and Compatibility modes, reduce the number of GPOs, manage Windows 10 File Associations, manage Windows 10 Start Menu and Taskbar, and manage Windows 10 Features and Optional features.

WVD + Working without Local Admin Rights

In this two part video, first learn about how to overcome installing and maintaining the Remote Desktop app itself on your real machines. Then learn how to overcome UAC prompts when running as a Standard User for applications inside WVD machines.

WVD + PolicyPak: Managing Windows 10 Start Screen, Applications, and Browsers

Take a quick tour using PolicyPak’s other features alongside WVD. In this video you’ll learn how to manage the Windows 10 Start Screen & Taskbar, and when you have multiple browsers.

WVD + PolicyPak: Enhanced targeting of Group Policy settings for WVD and real desktops

Got too many GPOs? See how PolicyPak can enable you to reduce the number of GPOs and target specific machines with specific settings. Your users expect a customized experience. Now you can give it to them… with less GPOs.

PolicyPak + WVD: Manage Applications Settings

WVD is “all about the apps” which is great. Now how do you manage them? We have lots of videos on our website, but this one shows how quickly and easily you can manage your WVD apps using PolicyPak.