PolicyPak Licensing and Purchasing FAQs

For Active Directory licensing, what if my count is significantly higher than I expect (because I have unused and old computer accounts)?

So, let’s assume you have about an actual count of 3500 machines, but LT reports that you have 7000.

That’s a big difference! Chances are, if you’re like most on-prem AD admins, you haven’t cleaned up for a while. So, here’s what we can do to be helpful:

Item 1: PolicyPak’s licensing tool has a built-in way to HELP YOU clean out stale accounts; thus reducing your costs and final count. See the video here and watch the first minute or two for details (https://kb.policypak.com/kb/article/1079-how-to-request-a-license-request-key/ ).

Item 2: When you are first purchasing and you become a PolicyPak customer, we can let you be “wildly over” your count for your FIRST FULL YEAR. Said another way, we’ll give you a full year to “clean up” your on-prem Active Directory. But when it comes time to renew next year, the count demonstrated in LT will be what you will renew upon.

Item 3: As a customer over the long term, if you are “a little bit over”, we can usually accommodate this. Like, you have 3500 machines, but LT reports 3600. This situation occurs when you have servers or test machines and/or a small amount of overage. But again, we can only directly accommodate “a little bit over” in this way.

If you have a very special circumstance, it’s possible we can accommodate it. You can talk with your salesperson and try to make special arrangements.

But our general rules of thumb is our policy as expressed in this statement.