PolicyPak Licensing and Purchasing FAQs

I am a Legacy PolicyPak Cloud-only customer. What other methods can I use to deploy PolicyPak settings? What happens when I transition to one of PolicyPak’s modern offerings?

Legacy PolicyPak Cloud comes with an “implied on-prem / Active Directory / GPO” license. This means that when an on-prem machine claimed a cloud license it would also process directives delivered from Group Policy.  An example of this scenario can be seen here: https://kb.policypak.com/kb/article/494-policypak-cloud-and-policypak-onpremise-together-using-ppcloud-licenses/

Warning: when you transition from Legacy PolicyPak Cloud to one of our MODERN products, you need to consider that this is not necessarily true.

If you want to maintain both PolicyPak Cloud processing and GPO processing of directives then you need to transition to PolicyPak Enterprise Edition or PolicyPak Professional Edition. PolicyPak SaaS (our new “Cloud Only” solution, will not enable you to maintain GPO processing alongside the PolicyPak Cloud processing