PolicyPak Licensing and Purchasing FAQs

What if I add new computers to licensed locations (on-Prem Active Directory, or my MDM service, or in PolicyPak Cloud) … exceeding the count I have paid for?

Everything just continues to work. First of all PolicyPak Enterprise and PolicyPak Professional are licensed per computer.  Let’s work through an example.

Let’s say you ran the LT tool and discovered:

  • For On-Prem Active Directory you had Sales OU, Marketing OU and Research OUs and initial discovery found a total of 3,000 computers.
  • For Intune, you discovered 500 computers
  • For PolicyPak Cloud, you know up-front you want to use it with 300 computers.

You purchase 3,800 licenses of PolicyPak Enterprise Edition or PolicyPak Professional Edition this year.

Then two months later, you add 100 new computers to each of Sales OU, Marketing OU and Research OU and another 500 to Intune, and you MOVE 100 computers from On-Prem Active Directory to exclusively Intune. And then grow in PolicyPak Cloud from 300 to 500.

Did you get all of that?  How can you POSSIBLY keep track of that!?

Don’t worry! Your PolicyPak investment continues to work fine! We don’t stop working in licensed locations !

At the end of your year, we’ll ask you to re-count the number of computers using LT again and check your usage in PolicyPak Cloud.

So now at the end of the year, you now have 4,600 computers. You’ll simply “true up” to pay for those extra and you’ll “renew” the original 3,800.

We’ll then give you a new license file which is good for another full year. You deploy this license file to all machines (except for the PolicyPak Cloud ones; they pick up licenses automatically.)

And, again, in general, if during the year, you “over-use” there is no charge until the end of the year.