PolicyPak Licensing and Purchasing FAQs

Why wouldn’t I want to enable PolicyPak Cloud if it comes with PolicyPak Enterprise Edition and PolicyPak Professional Edition?

PolicyPak Cloud is the only method you can use where we store something in OUR cloud services.

Other methods are exclusively in your control:

  • On-Prem Active Directory is within your control.
  • 3rd party MDM Services which PolicyPak is compatible with (like Intune) are also NOT in OUR control, and being OK their security stance is up to you.
  • On-Prem UEM tools is within your control.

But PolicyPak Cloud is a curated resource. Therefore, your company might have a prohibition against you using non-sanctioned Cloud services.

As such, even with your PolicyPak Enterprise Edition or PolicyPak Professional Edition license you will need to request the use of PolicyPak Cloud entitlement.