Portal Release Notes

10/18/2023: PolicyPak Build number 23.10.3683.1030

Netwrix is pleased to announce the general availability of Netwrix PolicyPak build number 23.10.3683.1030 With this release you will be able to benefit from the following:

General & UI Updates
Netwrix PolicyPak Integration with Netwrix Auditor

Netwrix Auditor does a great job at tracking Group Policy changes. But it was sub-optimal to specifically launch Netwrix Auditor, find the Group Policy Object and look JUST for the PolicyPak changes. With this integration, you can see your PolicyPak changes within Netwrix Auditor in one click. Demo and Setup videos here: https://kb.policypak.com/kb/section/446/  . KB with step by steps instead are here: https://kb.policypak.com/kb/article/1298-how-do-i-configure-the-mmc-snap-in-to-open-gpos-in-netwrix-auditor/

Network Security Manager MMC Snap-in Hiding

You can now use the ADMX setting to hide Network Security Manager from the MMC. See KB for details.

PPUPDATE License Expression now fixed

Licenses from multiple sources now more accurately reflected.

Drag & Drop of Collections Improved

Fix in MMC so copies are created with unique name instead of an overwrite.

PolicyPak Least Privilege Manager
Updated Logging Improvements

PolicyPak Least Privilege Manager Events of type 1000+ and 2000+ now have additional details: File Version, File Hash, Publisher, Owner Name and User Name. Example improvement screenshot.

Netwrix PolicyPak and Netwrix Privilege secure share the same client-side extension. For more details on updates to the MMC click here. For more information on upgrade paths for Netwrix Privilege Secure, click here.

Admin Approval “Wins” over SecureRun

Sometimes Admin Approval credentials didn’t work when SecureRun was also engaged. This fix ensures that Admin Approval wins over SecureRun.

Admin Approval Tool fix for HighDPI

Sometimes Admin Approval tool would be cut off and not show all fields with High DPI.

Fix for “Apply to child executables”

Sometimes PolicyPak Least Privilege Manager would apply privileges to child executables even when not desired.

MMC updates and fixes

Allow and Log rules fixed so unrelated options are automatically hidden.

Network Security Manager
Email Request to un-block a user

New option in Network Security Manager to enable customer to prompt user to send email to support desk to un-block processes restricted by Network Security Manager. Setup screenshot. Result screenshot.