Portal Release Notes

12/12/2023: PolicyPak Build number 23.12.3745.1241

General & UI Updates
Netwrix PolicyPak Now Supports ARM Processors for CSE and MMC

Netwrix PolicyPak ships with ARM support; the CSE is fully functional for all PolicyPak Components including PolicyPak Least Privilege Manager. MMC snap-in is fully functional to create PolicyPak rules as well. See demo and setup video here.  See supportability statement about ARM processors here.

Note: ARM support will generally ship 4 times per year, and lag somewhat behind normal builds. The latest ARM build will always be in the download so you’ll never need to guess which one is latest. For instance, ARM support will not ship with NTFS traverse or some of the other updates mentioned in this build, since it will lag behind somewhat.

Note: ARM CSE will be supported alongside PolicyPak Cloud next iteration (Jan / Feb timeframe).

Netwrix Auditor now in MMC fly-out menus

Once PolicyPak to Netwrix Auditor connection is established, now you can quickly open Netwrix Auditor from right-click menu. Example: https://share.zight.com/E0um1wGx

PolicyPak Merge Tool Enhancements

Now you can export all settings to PolicyPak XML during the merge process instead of having to necessarily put the items into a Group Policy Object. Example: https://share.zight.com/kpuRqXPr

PolicyPak Least Privilege Manager
NTFS and ACL Traverse Policy

Now you can specify which processes can read, write, delete, etc any file, folder or registry location. For instance, let users modify the hosts file, remove files from All Users Desktops, or have your applications overcome UAC prompts when attempting to modify system registry locations. Multiple demonstration videos are here.

Additional Details now in logs

Log files are enhanced to provide which user ran the process https://share.zight.com/4guRBYyZ . New log type for event 1010 when NTFS & ACL Traverse is used. https://share.zight.com/E0um1xwx

PolicyPak RDP Manager
Digital Signing RDP Files

Now you can automatically digitally sign your RDP files. Screenshot: https://share.zight.com/nOuQZEGD Results: https://share.zight.com/geu1N85X


Misc PolicyPak CSE Fixes:
  • WinGet Policies on PolicyPak Software Delivery Manager now work on Windows 10; but WinGet must be pre-updated to 1.6 on Windows 10.
  • ILT Evaluations will continue even if malformed with empty computer name.
  • PolicyPak Merge tool enhanced high DPI support
  • MMC fix for specifying Netwrix Auditor URLs
  • CSE/ Cloud policy was applying by stating wrong/old Policy Name


PolicyPak Cloud Updates & Fixes
  • Immutable log items now go to the PolicyPak Cloud to Splunk Connector
  • PolicyPak Cloud supports PolicyPak Software Package Manager’s Winget policies
  • Computer list filter improved for massive searches
  • Computer group collapse / expand feature fixed
  • Fix when uploading user-side policies with ILT to PolicyPak Cloud