Portal Release Notes

2-22-2017: Build 1260

1. Fixed High CPU usage.
2. Fixed problem when XMLdata files are used.

– New ADMX setting to pre-delete registry keys before the PPAM CSE runs. – Helpful especially with Chrome Pak which will not revert correctly without this setting.

1. Now the policy chooser UI will stay in place until you close it; enabling you to specify multiple policies at once.>>
2. Window size and shape will persist its size and…
3. Location will persist of last location you were in the tree view state.

1. IE / other browsers will now come to the foreground when invoked. (Bug #1715)
2. Logging fixes and other Internal changes

1. Now match on Latest available Java in family

1. Support to elevate MSI applications via rule
2. Support to automatically block MSI applications via SecureRun(TM)

1. The major change is that the Auditor.exe will only run now (by default) when GP successfully processes background GP refreshes. ADMX files provided to change this behavior if desired. Please see the manual in Chapter 3 (Tuning and Troubleshooting) to understand the new behavior or revert to the original behavior.

Other features and fixes in PDF notes.