Portal Release Notes

11-14-2017: CSE Update 1524 / hotfix build. So, no new big features yet. Fixes are:

1. Updated PPLOGS.EXE program to change extensions of executable and other dangerous file types (.exe, .js, .reg, etc.)
2. Fixed PPCloud + MS PowerPoint issue.
3. Fixed PPLPM elevation for users that have “powerful privileges”. For instance, if end-user had Load Driver privilege for their users, and this caused PPLPM to NOT elevate Device Manager properly.
4. Improvements for PPBR upgrade scenarios / default browser reset.
5. Fixed memory leaks in PPBR.
6. Fixed PPFAM failures when HKLM\SOFTWARE\Policies\Microsoft\Windows\System doesn’t exist
7. Improved PPWatcherSvc logoff and shutdown handling. The “This program prevents Windows from shutting down” should no longer occur, and we also changed display name from PPWatcherLogoffListenerWindow32 to PolicyPak AppLock Service.
8. PPAM logon time improvements when sync policy processing is enabled
9. Significant performance improvements in PPLPM
10. Fixed PPLPM SecureRun for local users
11. Fixed PPLPM SecureRun blocking PPBR routing to Edge
12. Fixed PPLPM MSI rule to match MSI with Lower Than {version} / Higher Than {version}
13. Fixed PPFAM support for apps with ambiguous command lines (e.g. Claws Mail, which doesn’t follow MS guidelines on app registration)
14. Logs rotation should no longer trigger “reboot pending”
15. PPAM and PPBR support for FF57 (FF Quantum)