Portal Release Notes

10/11/2019: CSE 2221

– Fixed PPMerge to run correctly on Win10 1809 or later (find GPMC naturally)
– PPAM: Now possible to make certs trusted for specific websites in PPAM pak for FF. (The syntax is C:\Certificates\Trusted.cer, 1, xyz.abc.gov:443, add-for).
– PP CSEs will now process XML policies in the alphanumeric order of the XML file names
– PPExporter allows to set Policy Layer to resolve conflicts between different “layers” of policies
– It’s now possible to run PPExporter as a non-admin user
– PPExporter now allows you to select built-in groups on NDJ machines
– PPAM: Fixed “Process this entry as user” when policies are processed by GPSVC on Win10
– Improved logging for Plaintext File Handler (e.g. used in the Java pak).
– (Need to use latest re-compiled Java Pak to use this feature.)
– Fixed a bug in the PPATM Admin Console causing REG_MULTI_SZ values to be written incorrectly for the policies exported to XML
– Fixed a bug in the PPATM Admin Console causing incorrect registry value names for ADMX list element when valuePrefix attribute is not set
– ADMX category containing PolicyPak settings has been renamed from PolicyPak to “PolicyPak ADMX Settings”