Portal Release Notes

11/29/2019: CSE 2270

-An option to block apps silently when a PPLPM rule applies
-An option to block apps with a custom message when a PPLPM rule applies
-An option to disable Event Log / Audit events for an explicit rule
-Executable publisher and command line of the parent process are now logged when SecureRun or Admin Approval applies to a process
-PPFMW now allows to manage Win10 1903 and 1909 features
-PPJRM will now use the force attribute when Java 8 Update 22 or newer is available (even when an older Java version is also present)
-PPBR support for FrontMotion Firefox
-Fixed a bunch of PPATM snap-in bugs that led to incorrect results of policy processing
-Fixed two LPE vulnerabilities in PPLPM (PDF was emailed to customers.)
-Other bugfixes and stability improvements