Portal Release Notes

3/6/2020: CSE 2362

PP GP & MDM editions:
– BIG FEATURE: PP File Associations Manager now works on USER SIDE (and works for non-domain joined machines with PPC and PPMDM) !
– BIG FEATURE: PPLPM Admin Approval Dialog box; now has F1 keypress to show “What’s happening.”
– BIG FIX: PP MMC snap-in now Un-furls 10x faster and fix flickering and freezing MMC issues.
– Medium feature: Disable CSE logs per CSE category via ADMX
– Updated behavior for PPLPM + non .EXE files and UNC paths.
– NOTE: Remote Drive-based rules will stop working.
– See details and updates you must perform in this KB if you’re elevating DRIVE MAPS for non-EXE rules: https://kb.policypak.com/kb/article/171-how-are-drive-maps-and-unc-paths-supported-in-policypak-least-privilege-manager/
– Update: PP Scripts unpacked location now protected from end user, and configurable via ADMX.
– FIX: PPSSM “What’s missing” icon now opens correctly in new edge.
– Update: PP Feature Manager for Windows renamed to Feature Manager for Windows 10 and Windows Server … and updated for all features in 20H1.
– FIX: PPScripts: Fix bug importing .VB and .VBS files
– New helper tool: “File Information Viewer” https://share.getcloudapp.com/Z4u5owvO

PP Compliance reporter:
– BIG FEATURE: Restrict PP GP Compliance Reporter Admin console from connecting when logged in user isn’t a member of an AD security group (requires SERVER and ADMIN CONSOLE to be updated.) VIDEO: https://kb.policypak.com/kb/article/874-enhanced-security-for-server/
– Fix: Added reporting information for unusual / unsupported policy types added PP Feature Manager and PP Scripts reporting support.

PP Cloud:
– BIG FEATURE: PP Browser Router automatically registers itself when deployed via PP Cloud !
– In Cloud Editors for PPLPM: EXE (simplified), Control Panel, SecureRun. Use the new File Information Helper tool from download to help you get signatures, etc.