Portal Release Notes

8/21/2020: CSE 2536

New Component !: Remote Work Delivery Manager ! Deploy software and copy files from On-Prem or Web Shares. Want to deploy software to domain joined and non-domain joined machines? Now you can ! Works with On-Prem, Cloud, and MDM. See all videos here: https://www.policypak.com/products/remote-work-delivery-manager.html

New Feature: PP Least Privilege Manager + Admin Approval … with EMAIL ! Now you can know some inside details about what end-users are attempting to launch and run. They send you their request using Email, then you can approve them with “long codes.” See video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=s6qzARZnVGQ

New Feature: PP Scripts + Triggers… Logoff trigger! There’s no way to do “logoff scripts” with your MDM service. Now there is. Or pair it up with ILT to do a logoff script WHEN people are on laptops, etc.

Behavior change: PP Browser Router now stores user-selected browser (and other settings) in the user registry hive (which facilitates working with FSLogix and multi-Windows)

Fix: PPScripts + Triggers… Logon time delay was ignored. Now fixed.
Fix: SecureRun rule fixed for command line.
Fix: PPLPM Global Audit policies fixed reporting
Fix: Various other fixes.

PolicyPak Cloud:
New Component: Remote Work Delivery Manager is already licensed and ready to go in your tenant.
New Feature: “Lite” in Cloud Editor for Remote Work Delivery Manager. (Picture: https://share.getcloudapp.com/5zuGNevj )
New Feature: Full in-cloud RDP Link Manager editor ! (Picture: https://share.getcloudapp.com/geuzAkP0 )
New small thing: When you create policies, all options are shown at once. Saves you a click !

PolicyPak GP Compliance Reporter:
Now support for Remote Work Delivery Manager.