Portal Release Notes

9/17:2020: CSE 2557

CSE Updates:
– PolicyPak Scripts + Triggers: New Trigger… Run a script On VPN Connect and on VPN Disconnect (Video: https://kb.policypak.com/kb/article/975-policypak-scripts-triggers-perform-scripts-on-vpn-connect-and-vpn-disconnect/ )
– PolicyPak Least Privilege Manager… SecureRun Automatic blocking of Non-Signed applications. (Video: https://kb.policypak.com/kb/article/976-least-privilege-manager-block-all-unsigned-with-securerun/ )
– Fixed: SecureRun not blocking and/or not blocking .BAT and .CMD. as expected.
– Fixed: SecureRun inadvertently blocking in-line applications.
– Fixed: PPLPM Email / Long Codes fixed with “Expires” parameter.
– Fixed: PPSCripts CSE fixed for hang on shutdown / restart.
– Fixed: PPBR Sitelist code fix for XML policy when it contains file:/// URL.

– PP Cloud:
– Cloud.PolicyPak.com now has ONE field set it in; so it works better with your password manager.
– PP Cloud Password reset page, fixed for all valid TLD domains.
– PP Remote Work Delivery Manager: More fields and a new tabbed UI for editing.
– PP RDP Manager: Import existing .RDP files.
– In-Cloud Licensing Threshold Notifications for Customers:
– Notifications / emails when licenses used hits threshold.
– Notifications / emails when non-used count hits threshold.
– Email and pop-ups when license is about to expire: 10 days, 5 days then 1 day before license expiration (but not for MONTHLY customers.)
– Emails for 2Fa and PPC Welcome email to show Company Name.
– PP Cloud Client fixed over port 443 in some cases.
– PP Cloud Client command line arguments are no longer case sensitive.
– PP Cloud Client will properly install and sync when TLS 1.0 is expressly disabled on target machine (no registry workaround required.)