Portal Release Notes

12/8/2022: PolicyPak Build number 22.12.3375.735

[PolicyPak Overall]
  • New: Quick Right-Click Enable / Disable Implemented for all policies and collections (Except PP App Settings Manager). Screenshot examples for PPLPM but all others supported: https://share.getcloudapp.com/KounQRnA and https://share.getcloudapp.com/mXub7NbG
  • Improved: PPUPDATE now shows non-licensed and multi-licensed conditions. Example: https://share.getcloudapp.com/GGuJA8Ab
  • New: PPUPDATE /XMLSTATUS /OUT c:\temp outputs license status as XML
  • Fix: MMC fix for missing icons after editing.
  • New (Finally!): MMC Cut & Paste for most policies and collections !
  • Fix: Install fixed for older OSs with “DLL Missing” error.
[PolicyPak Least Privilege Manager]
  • Improved MMC: Right-click menus now streamlined and context aware
  • Improved: Admin Approval Tool now has auto-close timeouts via ADMX setting Screenshot: https://share.getcloudapp.com/eDun9vOY . Note ONLY the Admin Approval tool from this build and later will support the ADMX.
  • Improved: Netwrix sbPam session de-provisioning dialog
  • Fix: SecureRun not properly evaluating domain group added to local administrators group
[PolicyPak Device Manager]

Improved: DEVICE_INSTANCE_PATH can be added to custom message (explaining to users which device was blocked)

[PolicyPak Browser Router]

Fix: Issues with the 5-minute timeout in Chromium were fixed in the Chrome Extension. This is meant to work latest versions of Google Chrome and Microsoft Edge (Versions 104.* and higher; current is 107.*). If you’re experiencing Chrome timeouts, update Chrome/Edge to the latest and Browser Router Extension will auto-download latest.

[PolicyPak Preferences 2.0]