Portal Release Notes

1/30/2023: PolicyPak Build number 23.1.3425.1079

[Reminder about impending Legacy XML Licensing Expiration Feb 28, 2023]

Legacy XML license will expire Feb 28, 2022… even if they are set to expire in some future date. Several updates in the newly shipping CSE are there to help you with the transition.  Extensive up-to-date KB article with videos, tips, tricks, workarounds and validation of success here: https://kb.policypak.com/kb/article/1231-action-required-for-policypak-customers-using-legacy-licenses/

[PolicyPak Cloud]
[PolicyPak Overall & Licensing]


[PolicyPak Least Privilege Manager]
  • Improved: Right-click Run-As Administrator should work as expected in most cases now.
  • Improved: Tuning of Right-Click Run-As Administrator via ADMX to disable “Explicit Elevation” completely and have “Run as Administrator” handed by Windows -or- “Run as Administrator with Netwrix PolicyPak” menu item (to File Explorer Only.)  Screenshot: https://share.getcloudapp.com/z8uloNG4
[PolicyPak Preferences 2.0]
  • Improved: Registry items now have application modes Always, Once or Once when Forced. Screenshot: https://share.getcloudapp.com/bLuObXwD .
  • Fixed: Registry items drag-and-drop from various levels works as expected
  • Fixed: Printers items now import from XML in MMC as expected
  • TIP: You need only ONE license called the “PolicyPak Preferences 2.0 License” (Enterprise or Pro Customers (with the GPO Reductions & Transitions Pak) may request the license by emailing [email protected]) which will enable DRIVE MAPS, PRINTERS and REGISTRY (today) and others, like SHORTCUTS (future).