Portal Release Notes

3/1/2021: PolicyPak Cloud updates

– New In-Cloud Editor: Java Rules Manager
– New In-Cloud Editor: PPLPM Self Elevation Policy Editor
– Improved: Copy / Paste / Overwrite existing XML for quick updates (instead of creating a totally new policy)
– Improved: “Import from XML” now available in all in-cloud editors
– Fixed: Import specific RDP file format error fixed.
– Fixed: Viewing ALL group when very large fixed.
– Fixed: PP Security Settings Manager report error fixed.
– Improved: Notification editor now supports multi-delete
– Improved: PPLPM “Global Settings” Editor had missing option
– Improved: PPLPM “Global Settings” policy now has “machine” scope
– Improved: Shortcut editor bug .. no pre-population of ICON FILE PATH item.
– Improved: In-Cloud PPBR Editor now ACCEPTs URLs without HTTP and HTTPS (Adjusted to fit same behavior as MMC editor.)