Application Manager – a PolicyPak feature

There are hundreds of settings and many levels of access applications request. Sometimes those settings can leave gaping holes in the security and they require additional oversight. Using Application Manager, system administrators can customize and deploy application specific settings across the organization at any time, no matter where the user’s machine is located.

A list of the capabilities of PolicyPak’s Application Manager feature:

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PolicyPak Group Policy

Configure and lockdown thousands of user settings on hundreds of commonly-used applications, including Firefox, Java, Flash, IE and Adobe products. Manage computers using your existing GP and/or SCCM setup, as well as covering roaming computers and non-domain joined machines.

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PolicyPak Cloud & PolicyPak MDM

List of use cases for PolicyPak’s Application Manager.

PolicyPak Application Settings Manager is a true application settings management system that works with real and virtualized applications. With the ability to customize and lockdown thousands of application settings, Application Manager is ready to manage your Windows 10 desktop applications.

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Manage Nearly Everything in Firefox, Chrome and Java JRE

  • Set security
  • Manage certificates
  • Prevent extention and add-ons
  • Manage site list exceptions
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Manage nearly everything in Internet Explorer

  • Go beyond in-box Group Policy and Preferences
  • Direct LAN settings (Proxy, Detect Network etc.)
  • Deliver Certificates
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PolicyPak Cloud: Deploy application settings over the internet

  • All of benefits above PLUS
  • Deliver any of PolicyPak's 400+ pre-configured application settings over the internet
  • To non-domain joined machines
  • To roaming domain-joined machines
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PolicyPak MDM: Deploy Application Settings in your MDM environment

  • All the benefits above delivered to your MDM enrolled machines
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