Browser Router – a PolicyPak feature

In many organizations certain websites are necessary for everyday work activities. These websites (whether internal or external) may only work on certain, older browsers. Or a website may only be compatible and render correctly with one specific browser. Now there is a tool that allows those websites to be mapped (or routed) to the browser necessary for proper usage.

Use Browser Router’s routing capabilities:

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PolicyPak Group Policy

Get a handle on your multi-browser environment with Browser Router. Configure websites to open in the browser you choose, block websites entirely – even for remote machines via the Cloud.

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PolicyPak Cloud & PolicyPak MDM

Issues solved with PolicyPak’s Browser Router.

Using PolicyPak Browser Router, you can force a default browser in a multi-browser environment, manage IE compatibility levels, or block specific websites. If you have more than two browsers, you’re going to love PolicyPak Browser Router.

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Control browser choice in a multi-browser environment

  • Automatically launch the browser you mandate for specific websites
  • Websites load in the most compatible and secure browser
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Manage Internet Explorer 11 Compatibility and Enterprise modes

  • Dynamically apply IE 11 Compatibility and Enterprise modes
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Route & block access to remote machine via PolicyPak Cloud

  • All of benefits above PLUS
  • Deliver web browser rules to non-domain joined and roaming domain-joined machines
  • Machines are automatically updated as your needs change
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Route & Block Access To MDM enrolled Machines via PolicyPak MDM

  • All of benefits above PLUS
  • Deliver web browser rules to your domain joined or non--domain joined MDM enrolled machines