Cloud Edition – a PolicyPak product Cloud Edition – a PolicyPak product

PolicyPak: Cloud Edition

PolicyPak Cloud Edition extends Admin Super-Powers to your remote machines. Deliver PolicyPak and real Group Policy settings to your on-prem or non-domain joined machines. No on-prem or systems to install or MDM required ! Keep settings in compliance for all your machines.

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PolicyPak Cloud Customer Benefits


Deliver all Group Policy Settings to domain joined and non-domain joined machines

  • Export from live GPO to PolicyPak cloud ...
  • Create ADMX policies directly inside PolicyPak cloud
  • Use Custom ADMX files directly inside PolicyPak cloud
  • Create most Group Policy Preferences directly inside PolicyPak cloud

Eliminate Local Admin rights & Block Ransomware

  • Don’t get bit by Ransomware, Cryptolocker or other similar software.
  • Don’t let users run applications you didn’t install yourself.
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Manage Multiple Browser Environments

  • Open the right browser for the right website
  • Block websites entirely
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Manage Multiple Java Environments

  • Use PolicyPak Cloud to deliver Java rules to computers which are not-domain joined, and any computer over the Internet.
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Manage IE Compatibility and Enterprise Modes

  • Dynamically set Enterprise mode
  • Specify compatibility per websites
  • Auto-detect IE 11 version and write v1 vs. v2 site lists
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Manage Windows 10 Start Menu on Remote (Non-Domain Joined) machines

  • Use PolicyPak Cloud to deliver exactly the right Start Screen and Taskbar settings over the Internet
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Deploy any script using PolicyPak Cloud

  • Deploy to non-domain joined machines.
  • Specify an ON and an OFF script.
  • Have scripts apply once, always, or when forced.
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How PolicyPak Cloud Edition Works

PolicyPak Cloud delivers settings to your client computers
applications and desktops via our cloud server

You can deliver settings to domain joined computers (when traveling), domain joined machines (on-premise), and also to non-domain joined machines.

PolicyPak Cloud is best for organizations which:

  • Have both domain joined and non-domain joined machines
  • Have users who travel with Laptops and Tablets
  • Want a central way to deliver settings across a distributed network
PolicyPak Group Policy Edition license included

Each PolicyPak Cloud Edition license automatically includes a PolicyPak Group Policy Edition license, giving you the ability to deliver, enforce and lock-down your settings when computers are in the office and well connected.