Feature Manager for Windows – a PolicyPak Feature

Don’t like the default feature set delivered with Windows? Let PolicyPak automatically configure you desktops with the features you want.

Managing Windows Features with PolicyPak’s Feature Manager for Windows.

Scripts Manager – PolicyPak Group Policy
PolicyPak Group Policy

Feature Manager for Windows is easy to set up. Browse though the features/options in a familiar manner, selecting and deselecting the ones that best fit your needs. When policy is applied, is all happens in the background in an unobtrusive manner. You can even specify to postpone rebooting in the case where you’re adding or removing a feature which requires a reboot.

Scripts Manager – a PolicyPak Feature
Scripts Manager – PolicyPak Cloud & MDM
PolicyPak Cloud & PolicyPak MDM

Feature Manager for Windows benefits:

Quickly add or remove Windows classic features and Windows 10 Optional features. Select the features you want to enable which are not installed by default, then select the default features that you really don’t want or need to reduce exposure. Tailor your environment with just the right mix.


Feature Manager for Windows overview.

  • Manage classic or Windows 10 Optional features in a familiar way
  • Use item level targeting to fine tune feature delivery
  • Make restart optional or postpone it when needed

Feature Manager for Windows with PolicyPak Cloud.

  • All the benefits above PLUS
  • Manage these features/options on machines over the internet
  • To non-domain joined machines
  • To roaming domain-joined machines

Feature Manager for Windows with MDM

  • All the benefits above PLUS
  • All the benefits above delivered to your MDM enrolled machines