Java Rules Manager – a PolicyPak Feature

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PolicyPak Group Policy

Get a handle on your multi-Java environment with PolicyPak Java Rules Manager. Configure websites to use the version of Java you choose, or block Java websites entirely – even for remote machines via the Cloud. Making a Java Deployment Rule Set for your Enterprise has never been easier or more flexible.

Java Rules Manager – a PolicyPak Feature
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PolicyPak Cloud & PolicyPak MDM

There are many use cases for Java Rules Manager that make java management easier.

Got Java? Block the unknown and bad websites while allowing the good ones to pass thru. Map the right website to the right version of Java via Java Deployment Rule Sets, set up quickly using Group Policy, PolicyPak Cloud or your MDM service.

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Quickly create and deploy Java Deployment Rule Sets using Group Policy

  • Map specific internal & external websites with Java applets to a specific version of Java.
  • Use the most secure version of Java for all other websites.
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Block all websites with Java... with some exceptions.

  • Ensure all Java websites are blocked, but allow and map your known good websites.
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Specify which operating system utilizes what versions of Java (per website)

  • Map specific websites to Java applets, but do it per operating system (or other criteria)
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Deploy PolicyPak Java Rules using your own management tool.

  • Use your own deployment method to deliver PolicyPak Java Rules, like SCCM or Altiris.
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PolicyPak Java Rules Manager and PolicyPak Browser Router: Working Together

  • Open the exact, required browser for each website, then…
  • Specify the specific version of Java to use for that specific website
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Deploy PolicyPak Java Rules over the Internet.

  • Use PolicyPak Cloud to deliver Java rules to computers which are not-domain joined, and any computer over the Internet.
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Deploy PolicyPak Java Rules to your MDM environment

  • Use PolicyPak MDM to deliver Java rules to your MDM enrolled computers, either domain joined or not-domain joined.