Least Privilege Manager – PolicyPak feature

Provide only the permissions necessary for programs, processes, and users to conduct the functions they need to. With PolicyPak’s Least Privilege Manager feature you can customize settings and deploy them anywhere using PolicyPak Group Policy, SCCM, or Cloud products.

Examples of the many capabilities of PolicyPak’s Least Privilege Manager feature:

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PolicyPak Group Policy

Kill admin rights on your Windows machines. Elevate only the applications you need and/or bypass UAC prompts with Standard User rights. Block malware, Cryptolocker, and similar software and even unknown threats. Give standard users access to Control Panel applets and/or let them install their own applications. Deploy PolicyPak Least Privilege Manager settings using Group Policy, SCCM, or PolicyPak Cloud.

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PolicyPak Cloud & PolicyPak MDM

Common uses of PolicyPak’s Least Privilege Manager

Least Privilege Manager quickly overcomes UAC prompts, enables standard users need to be able to install applications, and blocks malware. Use with Group Policy, PolicyPak Cloud or your MDM solution.

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Kill Local Admin Rights: Elevate and bypass UAC only on applications which need it.

  • Don’t give everyone local admin rights. Use PolicyPak Least Privilege Manager to elevate only applications that Standard Users need to run with admin rights.
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Enable users to perform "over the phone" elevation requests from Administrators as needed

  • Enable online and offline users to overcome UAC prompts via Admin Approval
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Deliver all PolicyPak Least Privilege Manager settings to remote machines via PolicyPak Cloud

  • All of benefits above PLUS
  • Deliver PolicyPak Least Privilege Manager rules to non-domain joined and roaming domain-joined machines.
  • Machines are automatically updated as your needs change.
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Deliver All PolicyPak Least Privilege Manager Settings To MDM Enrolled Machines

  • All the Group Policy benefits above delivered to your domain-joined and non-domain joined machines via your MDM provider.
  • Prevent Malware, Cryptolocker, Ransomware, Unknown Software And Malicious Zero-Day Threats.