MDM Edition - a PolicyPak product MDM Edition - a PolicyPak product

PolicyPak: MDM Edition

PolicyPak MDM Edition keeps your desktop, system and security settings in compliance (for your domain-joined and roaming PCs.) Deliver PolicyPak and real Group Policy settings to your domain-joined and non-domain joined machines via your MDM provider.

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PolicyPak MDM Edition Customer Benefits


Manage Multiple Browser Environments

  • Open the right browser for the right website
  • Block websites entirely

Manage Multiple Java Environments

  • Map specific internal & external websites with Java applets to a specific version of Java.
  • Use the most secure version of Java for all other websites.

Manage Windows 10 File Associations

  • Quickly dictate which file opens what application; eg. PDF to open Acrobat Reader.
  • Update the file associations instantly as your needs change.
  • Using the File Associations Manager Helper Tool.

Deploy any script using PolicyPak and your MDM service

  • Deploy to non-domain joined machines.
  • Specify an ON and an OFF script.
  • Have scripts apply once, always, or when forced.

How PolicyPak MDM Edition Works

PolicyPak delivers settings to your client computers,
applications and desktops and keeps them compliant

PolicyPak MDM Edition works uses your existing MDM provider to deliver PolicyPak and real Group Policy settings to your domain joined and non-domain joined computers.

PolicyPak MDM Edition is best for organizations with:

  • Domain-joined machines
  • Non-domain joined machines
  • Enrolled in an MDM service

Once installed, PolicyPak MDM Edition will continue to enforce, lock down and (if necessary) remediate your settings even if the user’s machine goes offline.