PolicyPak On-Prem

Quickly map which application to open with which file type. Deploy your software however you do today (SCCM, Intune, etc.) but then quickly associate the application’s file extensions with the correct application, and keep those associations applying, even if the user changes them, or the computer goes offline.

PolicyPak Cloud

We solve these issues with PolicyPak File Associations Manager


Specifying application’s file extensions

  • Quickly dictate which file opens what application; eg. PDF to open Acrobat Reader.
  • Manage Windows 10 settings instantly.
  • Update the file associations instantly as your needs change.
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Associate extensions to Windows 10 “Universal” Applications

  • Associate file extensions to Windows 10 applications
  • Control and associate entire categories of Windows 10, like Movies, Photos, etc.
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Associate all extensions for an application (or multiple applications)

  • Discover what associations exist for any application
  • Instantly create a Collection with all or some associations for that application
  • Resolve conflicts if multiple applications want to manage the same association(s)
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Quickly Implement Preconfigured Associations

  • Download pre-configured associations
  • Learn about getting started quickly using ready-to-go templates for common programs.
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