PolicyPak (On-Premise, Cloud, & MDM) Components


PolicyPak Group Policy


PolicyPak Cloud

PolicyPak Suite Components

PolicyPak Suite (On-Prem Edition) gives you Admin Super-Powers.

PolicyPak Suite (Cloud Edition) extends your Admin Super-Powers to your remote machines.

On-site or off-site, we have you covered.


Application Settings Manager

Enforce and lock down your application settings across your network.


Least Privilege Manager

Kill local admin rights instantly.
Stop Cryptomalware and unknown threats immediately.


Browser Router

Don’t leave browsing to chance! Manage multi-browser environments by mapping specific websites to specific browsers


Java Rules Manager

Force specific websites and Java applets to use the right version of Java (instead of using the latest ones.) Increase Java applet compatibility while maintaining maximum Java security.


Admin Templates Manager

Make settings “Collections” and “Target” where/when they should apply. Export Group Policy settings to be deployed using SCCM (etc.) and thru the Cloud.


File Associations Manager

Associate file types with specific applications for Windows 10.


PolicyPak Start Screen & Taskbar Manager

Pin apps to Windows 10 Start Menu Groups and Task manager.


Preferences Manager

Export Group Policy Prefs settings to be deployed using SCCM (etc.) and thru the Cloud.


Security Settings Manager

Export Group Policy Security Settings to be deployed using SCCM (etc.) and thru the Cloud.


Policypak Scripts Manager

Run PowerShell, JavaScript, VisualBasic and Batch scripts and target your users or computers.


Feature Manager for Windows

Manage which Windows classic features and Windows 10 Optional features users receive. Tailor your environment with just the right mix.