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Frontline & Firstline Workers Running Windows: How to Simplify Management and Security

Frontline workers often rely on physical and virtual Windows desktops to process data, access critical applications, communicate with teammates, and gather information. Managing, securing, and optimizing this environment is extremely difficult, given the limitations and complexity of the management tools available.

Modern management solutions like UEM and MDM don’t yet address non-domain joined computers or computers without Active Directory. Moreso, neither UEM nor MDM provides all of the same Group Policy settings available to your on-premises workforce.

Don’t worry. There’s hope!

PolicyPak integrates with the management tools you already use while extending its ability to manage, secure, and optimize the digital desktop experience for frontline workers.

Join Jeremy Moskowitz, Microsoft MVP on Enterprise Mobility, to learn how PolicyPak simplifies management and security for frontline worker desktops.

During this session, you will learn how PolicyPak:

• Manages non-domain joined desktops with or without Active Directory
• Delivers native Group Policy Settings to MDM-enrolled computers
• Customizes Start Screen, Task Bar, Application, and Browser settings for frontline workers by attributes like role, AD group, and IP range.
• Balances user productivity with security by implementing least privilege management principles at the application, OS, and peripheral layers


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