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NEW! PolicyPak and 5Bytes Podcast Webinar

Keeping up with today’s desktop management and security trends can be difficult, especially when you’re stuck at home or unable to attend live events. That’s why Jeremy Moskowitz and Rory Monaghan have Joined forces to bring you the 5 latest management and security technology trends every Microsoft Admin needs to know right now!


Join Rory Monaghan, Host of 5 Bytes Podcast, and Jeremy Moskowitz, 15-Year Desktop Management & Enterprise Mobility MVP, for an exclusive webinar that focuses on today’s hottest management and security trends for desktop administrators. Throughout the talk, Jeremy will also show you how to use PolicyPak to fix security and management challenges Microsoft Administrators face today. During the Webinar, Jeremy and Rory will cover the following topics:

  • Moving away from IE and onto modern browsers
  • Ransomware prevention as a service
  • Microsoft XML File Association and Configuration Challenges
  • Customize and Export Start Screen Layouts
  • and more!

About the Speakers

Rory Monaghan

Rory Monaghan is an industry veteran with a wide range of experience in enterprise-level End-user computing solutions, including Server-based computing, Virtual Desktop Infrastructure, Cloud Services, and Desktop deployments. His technical expertise includes Microsoft, Citrix andVMware-based solutions, amongst many others. He’s personally implemented these technologiesfor organizations across a variety of different industries. Although he’s spent most of his career working in Healthcare IT, he’s also worked at multiple startups, large vendors, consulting companies, and systems integrators. Rory is a Citrix CTA, Citrix CTP, Microsoft MVP, VMwarevExpert, VMware EUC Champion, and EUC Insider.

Jeremy Moskowitz

Jeremy Moskowitz is a 15-time Microsoft MVP for endpoint management and enterprise mobility using Group Policy and Modern Device Management. Jeremy’s published works include Group Policy: Fundamentals, Security and the Managed Desktop (Copyright © 2015 by John Wiley & Sons., Indianapolis, Indiana) and MDM: Fundamentals, Security and Modern Desktop (Copyright © 2019 by John Wiley & Sons., Indianapolis, Indiana). Jeremy Moskowitz is the CEO and head instructor for, which has enrolled thousands of students to get smarter in Windows 10 Desktop Administration.

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