Modern Desktop Management Best Practices for Locking Down Windows 10 Settings at Retail and Commercial Banks

Microsoft said it best: Windows is “Cloud first, Mobile First.” And to manage Windows 10, you need an MDM service like Microsoft Intune, VMware Airwatch, or similar to manage Windows 10 settings anywhere your users go.

Despite the flexibility of MDM solutions, they don’t provide the same deep, granular control that you have come to expect from Microsoft Group Policy.

This is especially problematic for retail and commercial banks.

Banks rely on Group Policy settings to maintain regulatory compliance and protect personally identifiable information like names, social security numbers, and accounting details.

Group Policy provides over 10,000+ settings making it one of the most critical tools used to protect financial networks from cybercrime, insider threats, and human error.

Today’s MDM Tools only offer a fraction of Group Policy’s total possibilities, making the adoption of MDM difficult.

March 12 , 2020 at 1PM EDT

Join Jeremy Moskowitz, 15-Time Microsoft MVP for both Group Policy and and Enterprise Mobility, for a free 60-minute webinar on Modern Desktop Management best practices for configuring Windows 10 settings. During his webinar, you’ll receive 100% free tips taken directly from Jeremy’s newly-created MDM training program. Plus, you’ll learn how MDM and Windows 10 administrators around the world use PolicyPak to simplify their transition from Group Policy to MDM. Jeremy will also review how some of America’s largest financial institutions use PolicyPak to lock down Windows 10 settings.

Modern Desktop Management Best Practices for Locking Down Windows 10 Settings at Retail and Commercial Banks covers the following topics:

  • The promise of MDM
  • Understanding MDM and co-management
  • Discovering MDM’s maturity compared to Group Policy
  • Learning how to bridge the gap between MDM and Group Policy
  • How to get a free tool to assess your own MDM to Group Policy gap.

About the Speaker:

Jeremy Moskowitz is a 15-time Microsoft MVP for endpoint management and enterprise mobility using Group Policy and Modern Device Management. Jeremy’s published works include Group Policy: Fundamentals, Security and the Managed Desktop (Copyright © 2015 by John Wiley & Sons., Indianapolis, Indiana) and MDM: Fundamentals, Security and Modern Desktop (Copyright © 2019 by John Wiley & Sons., Indianapolis, Indiana). Jeremy Moskowitz is the CEO and head instructor for, which has enrolled over 16,000 students and is the founder of PolicyPak Software, which manages and protects nearly 2 Million endpoints worldwide.

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