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Digital Workspace Ecosystem Alliance


Evaluating the Digital Workspace Ecosystem

Today, the Digital Workspace is a framework of technologies that can integrate to help organizations enable their entire workforce – whether remote, in-office, or hybrid – to work productively and securely from anywhere, on any device. And the layered nature of this Digital Workspace “stack” is actually a feature, not a bug. It enables organizations of any size to identify and select only the technologies that address their particular needs, rather than saddling them with the cost and complexity of many products/capabilities they don’t need.

So the million-dollar question becomes – which pieces of the stack do YOU need to provide a secure Digital Workspace that meets your organization’s and your users’ specific needs?

Without a clear understanding of the various layers of the Digital Workspace technology stack, that can be a tough question to answer. For this reason, the Digital Workspace Ecosystem Alliance™ has created this guide to understanding and evaluating the Digital Workspace stack. We’ll start by providing an overview of each layer in the stack, and we’ll wrap up with a quick guide on how to self-assess the Digital Workspace tools your organization needs.

About the Digital Workspace Ecosystem Alliance

The Digital Workspace Ecosystem Alliance is a consortium of technology leaders dedicated to helping organizations enable secure productivity for all of their people – including remote, in-office, and hybrid workers. Together we are committed to providing the vendor-neutral education and resources needed to empower organizations of all sizes to develop the Digital Workspace strategy that makes sense for their business.

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