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This whitepaper series will show you how PolicyPak can maximize your control over your system.

Jeremy Moskowitz former Group Policy MVP

Jeremy Moskowitz
Microsoft MVP
Enterprise Mobility

SANS Knows How To Protect Your Network. Shouldn’t You?

SANS knows how to protect your network. Shouldn’t you?

Security is a paramount issue for enterprise managers and network administrators today.

Your enterprise network is made up of hundreds or even thousands of stationary, mobile, or VDI-generated user desktops. Ensuring that all of these desktops remain secure throughout the enterprise is a daunting task.

Where do you even start?

In this whitepaper, learn what John Pescatore, Director of Security Trends thinks are the top things you could be (and should be) doing.

Who should read this whitepaper

Security-conscious network administrators and managers.

Summary of the whitepaper:

SANS has several “base hits” to make your network more secure. If you adhere to their recommendations you’ll mitigate many, many possibilities of attacks.

This paper explains SANS’ top recommendations and where PolicyPak aligns with those recommendations.

Note: To be clear, neither SANS nor John Pescatore contributed directly to this Technology Briefing paper. In this paper, we are demonstrating where PolicyPak fits in to SANS’s recommendations, based on public and published data.

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