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Jeremy Moskowitz former Group Policy MVP

Jeremy Moskowitz
Microsoft MVP
Enterprise Mobility

What Office 2010 & Office 2013 Admins Don’t Know About Application Management

Managing Office 2010 and/or Office 2013 doesn’t have to be a beast. Once it’s deployed and “out there” you might need to make dynamic changes and ensure users’ settings.

In this whitepaper, understand exactly what the ADM and ADMX files from Microsoft can and cannot do, and see what you’re missing to complete this important job.

Who should read this whitepaper?

Anyone who has more than 20 seats of Microsoft Office deployed. In this paper you will learn:

  • Where Microsoft has major “gaps” in ADM and ADMX coverage
  • Which security settings you should have ON to ensure even “reasonable security” for Microsoft Office
  • Specific settings in each of Microsoft’ major Office pieces which you should ensure are on at all times.

Summary of the whitepaper:

Office 2010 and 2013 admins have it hard enough. Users are constantly making changes and working around your security.

Yes, Microsoft ships both ADM and ADMX templates for Office 2010 and Office 2013. But it’s a good idea to understand what they DO and DON’T DO.

What you don’t know could hurt you.

See how PolicyPak can fill in the gaps when it comes to managing your Office 2010 and/or Office 2013 on your desktops.

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